Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chocolate Sprinkle Balls

I found this AWESOME recipe in a book...
Oh, where is it? 
Awww...hey Scout! That's my dog.
Ok, so about the book. I must have took it back to the library! 
Well, I guess I could talk about it! 
It was mostly gram crackers, heavy cream, butter, and coco powder. Sounds fattening, I know! 
Then you put that all in a pan then in the fridge it goes. 
I think the book said 2 hours, but I let mine sit over night! 
In the picture above you can see the gram cracker crumbs. scoop them with a spoon or I used a ice cream scoop. 
Then coat them in sprinkles...
I am SO sorry I couldn't post the recipe!! But I will be posting more today!! 
-Young City Baker 

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  1. Very yummy...I really want to make it right now!:-D

    - Emma