Friday, December 7, 2012

I met Bakerella!! 

Hello, yes. I did meet Bakerella this night at 7:00 pm!

See. There in the picture above she is giving us tips on what type of candy melts are better than others, what type of sprinkles she buys, stuff like that! If you have seen her blog lately, she has a bracelet a person made for her. The charms are cake pops she has made before. 

See, there I am. Shaking to death. I was SO scared. But then I wasn't as much. She seemed pretty surprised that a young girl like me...would bake like her! 

She had her original book that people could sign. I was actually happy to sign her book. She also had some buttons for us. She's so nice! 

Ok, so here's the happy part...well kinda. I made Bakerella cry. Or tear up, as my mom says. How, you might ask. Well, my mom told Bakerella's mom that I had a blog. Yes, Bakerella's mom was there. Bakerella was REALLY happy hear that. But then there I go. " Yeah, you actually inspired me. " I said.  Then she says, "Awwww..." and I hug her. (I think she will remember that!) 

I am SO happy. My dream came true. 
Thank you, Bakerella, my fans, my family, my friends. 
You all inspire me.
So, keep baking!!! :D 


  1. Hi Julia - It was great to meet you Friday night. Love your blog and your smile!

  2. Wow!!! You're right! Hi Bakerella!!!

    - M&M :)

  3. I still can't believe that Bakerella commented.