Friday, July 26, 2013

Banana Bread Muffins

My mom just bought some bananas and suggested that i make muffins with them, so I said, "Okay."
So, while I'm making the muffins my mom walks by and asked what I'm making. I look at her and say, "I'm making muffins, why?" she looks at the bananas and says, "Oh, i thought you would wait for the to ripen." I look at her and say, "The are ripe." 

 "Your not going to taste the banana in them!!" She says walking away. 

They turned out GREAT!! So my mom says, "They're really good!!" 
I look at her and say, "THEY WERE RIPE!!"

Usually I ask my whole family what they think of it, and if its good, i might put it on my blog. I call it: 
And if my family and I like it, I put it in this folder of where I put good recipes. 
I got this recipe from Girl Versus Dough

This muffin is more like bread, and I'm pretty sure thats why they call them Banana BREAD Muffins.
This has to be my favorite banana muffin. 

My mom and I...well now that I think about whole family really likes recipes with brown sugar and a good amount of vanilla in them. 

I was going to add a chocolate glaze, but they were sweet enough. 
You can find this recipe on Girl Versus Dough.

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  1. I think you usually wait for them to turn brown. I'm glad you could taste the banana in them. :)