Sunday, August 4, 2013

Crisco Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Long name.... I know.

Okay, so we ran out of butter. How? I have NO clue. 
Anyways, I saw we had A LOT of Crisco! We had so much it wasn't even funny!! 

I decided why not make a BIG cookie? I usually make cookie cake for birthdays, but my family and I haven't had a cookie cake for a while!! 

On the back of the Crisco wrapper there is a chocolate chip cookie recipe. 
I was surprised with this recipes because it calls for only brown sugar, and a WHOLE table spoon of vanilla!! 

No wonder it was so good!! 
You can get the recipe here or on the back of a Crisco wrapper. 

Well, I wish I could show show you it with frosting, but i missed placed the camera and when i found it I saw this picture on it

Well, I hope you guys are having an awesome summer and an awesome Sunday!!

a.k.a Young City Baker 

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